Wednesday, July 12, 2017

surprises and issues

the season has its ups and downs...the mashua balnca in the first photo ( taken a few days ago when it was sunnier ) and its cousin the nasturtium are boomning along ( nowhere near one another after last season )...difficult as it may be to see the leaf cuutter bees have plugged a fourth tube in the nesting block ( third )...the dwarf syrian wheat in the fourth photo is about done and the emmer in the fifth is sprouts are looking more like themselves ( sixth )...the egyptian walking onions are developing huge aerial bulbs ( seventh )...the zea family representatives, northern tepehuan teointe ( eighth ) and the maize in a bucket ( tenth )are both developing support roots ( ninth and eleventh respectively )...and the issue? i am grossly displeased by the continued presence of japanese beetles anywhere near my grapes and yams..they persist in diefiance of that i resort to neem oil...that battle continues.

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