Sunday, August 20, 2017


wandering around the back yard i can see we are definitely headed for autumn...i see a nascent ear in the corn in a bucket ( first photo )...which is one sign...the nasturtiums are blooming away as is their wont ( second 0 and producing seeds ( third on the left along with ramp seeds and potato fruits...more on that in a second here )...the first ramp seeds are in ( fourth ) you can compare their seed structures with the onion ( fifth )...the sixth photo is onion seed on the left and ramp seed on the right...not a perfect match but close...there are potato fruits on the vine ( seventh ) however i found four on the ground ( eighth ) and brought them in to "soften" in a paper bag ( much like ripening a green tomato...traits run in families )...this started me thinking about the carolina horse nettle fruits i bagged in july and which were pretty soft when i last i got a couple out ( ninth ) and threw in a potato fruit for scale )( tenth ) and then cut one open ( eleventh )...they strongly resemble cut open potato fruits ( twelfth, a photo from 2015 ) and the seeds are very similar ( horse nettle thirteenth and potato [again from 2015] fourteenth )...they process was, perhaps unremarkably the same, the air reeked of hands itched...and those two small fruits produced approximately one hundred and forty seeds...common elements of both fruits..i have more horse nettle fruits and when the potato fruits i have brought in we will be doing a side by side comaprison...give it a few weeks.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

flower to root with a dash of autumn

the corn in a bucket ( first photo ) is working on further flower ( tassel ) development ( second )... and i found the first silks this morning ( third )...a few of the plants have developed support roots ( fourth )...a sign of maturing growth...the mantis is still dwelling among the stalks ( fifth ) so there must ample prey about...meanwhile the northern tepehuan teosinte is in full flower ( sixth ) silks to report just yet...they do have impressive, tiered support roots though ( seventh ) roots are not confined to zea family members...i was claring out some fox tail ( japanese bottle ) grass ( eighth ) and it has some much smaller support roots ( ninth )...while we are in the oriental ( and invasive ) area of the plant world, the chinese yams are happily producing aerial bulbs ( tenth ) to spread their tribe...finally the cucumber plants are still blooming and very green at the tops ( eleventh )...and still producing ( twelfth )...however, as is their wont, they are seriously dying back at the base ( thirteenth ) always an harbinger of autumn ( thirty days..just saying )

Friday, August 18, 2017

blooms and reproduction

one of the potato plants in the asparagus bed has bloomed ( first photo ) and, if we are fortunate, it will produce fruits like its cousin the carolina horse nettle has ( second )...just for the sake of a morphological comparison if nothing else...while we are in the asparagus bed ( third ) let's note it is looking robust and that there are still berries ( fourth and fith ) that will mean some asparagus from seed next season...unlike the deeply rooted asparagus, the shallower jerusalem artichokes look a bit water stressed ( sixth )...they were thoroughly watered and will perk up soon enough...despite being rather mercilessly trimmed ( seventh ) some flower buds were left behind and have begun to bloom ( eighth and ninth ) so there is the possibility of seed heads is not too late i'm thinking.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

it's my blog...i'll be as corny as i like

the corn in a buucket ( top photo ) is finally starting to flower ( second and third ) which may mean ears after is also showing signs of transpiration even though the ambient temperature is not all that warm ( fourth and fifth )...the northern tepehuan teosinte is in full flower 9 sixth ) and i am looking for silks to appear soon...the teosinte, despite being in the same sun is not looking perspired...its leaves are uncurled ( eighth )...the last photo is of one of the teosinte stands ( there are two and a single plant in a back bed )with the northern tepehuan on the right and the zea mays parvaglumis on the left all between five and six feet in height.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

13 zea

the zea season, both ancestral and descendant, is moving along ( albeit more slowly for the "wild and weedy" ancestor )..the filed of dense yellow #2 out by the supermarket is in full flower ( first and second photos ) and the silks are moving from light to dark as they dry after pollination and as the ears mature ( third and fourth ) the fifth photo is of leaves on a stalk of field corn and the sixth is of leaves on a stalk of teosinte...the seventh is of support roots on field corn..the eighth of the tiered support roots on northern tepehuan teosinte...the tenth photo is another corn flower ( some are sticklers for calling them tassels...i am not...a flower is a flower and serves the same reproductive function [within parameters] as any other ) and the eleventh ( sense a pattern? ) a flower on the northern tepehuan's foray into morphology...finally the twine on the stalk of zea mays parvaglumis that fell over four days ago is still holding it up and, as i had imagined, the plant is showing nos sign of having suffered damage over its fall...still booming along