Friday, March 26, 2010

early spring

i had the day off and nothing important or pressing to do...and no real desire to be be with any but a few people who were, for one reason or another, unavailable to hang i decided to head down county line road into the agricultural heartland of eastern lake county to see what was i suspected there wasn't much...too early for plowing and tanks of anhydrous amonia to be seen either...probably next month would be a better bet to see industrial agriculture gearing up for a new season of hot pockets and high fructose corn syrup...rather than waste the trip i just kept going down county line road until it met up with a still existing portion of old route 30 where it crosses deep river. i have lusted after a riparian exisitence for some time now...despite the threat of "the flood of the century" (which may be coming more frquently...or not at all...depending on what the climate does) wiping me out...i had the camera along and took some snapshots of the river on a cool but sunny day...not a very gardenish post, i know...but the garden is in limbo right now....the tomatoes are started, asparagus and potatoes haven't arrived yet ( the mail just came...not today either) and i won't unmulch it before next weekend...just hope you enjoy the river as much as i did.