Wednesday, September 20, 2017

some spuds and an ear

another yukon gold in a bucket ( first photo ) finished up so i harvested the tubers ( second photo with a couple of egyptian walking onions ) and cleaned them up ( third )...that accomplished i went out to have a look at the teosinte...more silks and flowers emerging ( fourth, fifth , and sixth ) and i am beginning to see more defined structures that will eventually be ears ( seventh , eighth, and ninth )...and i discovered and ear ( tenth ) that has separated from the, hopefully, we are on our way to seed.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

daughters ramps and silks

the new york import wild strawberries are producing daughter plants beyond my expectations ( even though i have grown strawberries before and knew their reproductive vigor )...the daughter plant i pegged in a buried flowerpot ( first photo ) has taken root and is leafing out well..i will be moving it to the bed with the transplanted daughter i put there ten days ago ( second photo 0 it is doing well and the daughter it in turn has produced ( third ) is taking root as well...the population is growing well...i got twenty more ramps yesterday ( fourth )...some large ( fifth ) and some smaller ( sixth ) i put them in a temporary spot in the ramp bed until the seeds are all plan is to remove the ramps, turn, aerate, and compost the soil, and replant..i am aiming for more plants and will be seeding the bed with some of the hundreds of seeds i have recovered so far...finally, you didn't think you could avoid photos of teosinte silks did you?

Monday, September 18, 2017

spuds in a bucket ( signs of autumn )

the chinese yams ( first photo ) jerusalem artichokes ( second ) and the elmer's blue spud ( is so tall because it spent much of its season in shade and as a result unsurprisingly produced only two tubers..more of them in a bit ) all tell me fall is almost here...the first of the spuds-in-a-bucket ( fourth ) has joined that chorus so i brought the tubers in ( fifth ) and cleaned them up ( sixth...with the elmer's blue out front )...lunch for someone perhaps although the smaller ones may be squirreled away in the plant room to chit...the northern tepehuan teosinte ( seventh ) continues to sprout silks ( eighth through twelfth ) which is good news for me if the weather holds for another month or so and i can retrieve viable seed...things are changing...the harvest will continue to trickle in ( more spuds in ground and in buckets plus the sunchoke tubers )...seeds yet to collect ( ramps ) wheat to thresh and winnow and potato fruits to process and seeds to slack time in autumn.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

confused corn?

the ragweed, poke weed, and thistles ( first three ) in the berm of the cornfield by the supermarket are all showing signs of autumn...and the corn is ripening..ripening in ways that may show that the engineers may not have the handle on genetics they think they do...all these plants are admittedly in the same row ( i was not planning on wading out to the center of the field...among other things i am not trying to damage the crop...just observing and edifying myself as best i can )...still, there is no uniformity of manufacture here...the plants in the fourth through seventh photos are spaced approximately two inches apart...even this close, one has produced an ear approximately nine inches long ( which side of an ear on the hoof is the proper side to measure? so i will admit approximations ) and the other ten...the plants in the eighth through tenth photos are about a foot apart and both have produced twelve inch ears...the plants in the eleventh through fourteenth photos are six inches has produced a twelve inch ear, the other a very stunted ear five inches long at best...same row...same crop...same general environmental conditions ( although, having looked for and found microclimates in my own yard on could question uniformity of conditions ) and variable results from what is at least hybrid corn if not fully engineered ( i can find no crop signs to tell me if we are dealing with monsanto, bayer, dekalb, or whomever )...i have to think that climate plays a distinct role and that genetic engineering ( and i mean spliced genes...all crops have been engineered through artificial selection by generations of agriculturalists ) doesn't guarantee much of anything id conditions aren't somewhere in a "normal" range for the crop...finally the teosinte in the last three photos is not is doing what it needs to do..have i mentioned i have found silks?

Saturday, September 16, 2017

teosinte silks

found the first silks of the season today...looking fro more silks and the emergence of ears in the next few weeks...found a mantis up there this morning too...they have been all over the maize and the teosinte this year.