Wednesday, November 25, 2015

a tramp around the yard

the sun is out today and the snow is in retreat...but there's still shade and still ice for the vetch to be at home in...those yellow peas have shown more resilience than i gave them credit for...but they are annuals and cannot withstand much more in the way of winter..their time will come soon enough...there are still many unshattered teosinte seeds in ears out there ( more on that in the next post )..however, when i went to check on the ramp seeds i found...nothing..well...i found the stump of the stem they were on...something has ingested them and the will be spread...just not in my yard...the good news is the root system and bulb weren't disturbed...and speaking of root systems the roots and support roots in the sixth photo were what was holding up the plant to my left in the bottom photo ...nothing like a well turned support root.

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