Saturday, November 7, 2015

on the cusp

made and early trip out to the garden and found tim johnson and some of his crew picking up leaves with a rake and a bobcat...they will be taking in the garden hose until spring...i wasn't the only one out at seven...the garden is on the cusp of shutting down...but it's conflicted about it...there are still peppers out there...and there are five cauliflower heads up and running...the garlic beds are looking robust with multiple plants up...they will need mulching took until november but there are finally brussels sprouts on the move as well...on the other side the asparagus is putting out clear signals that mulching is at hand...mixed signals but the inertia is unmistakable...i mapped out all the beds where potatoes and alfalfa have been grown...potatoes need a three year rotation to prevent the build up of pests and viruses so we won't be planting spuds in those beds until 2018...alflafa is auto-toxic so these beds won't be readily reseeded with alfalfa as a green manure for a few years either...we will be using winter vetch and clover in its stead for the next few years as well...the next step is the mulching...parker! is on fire to help but we have to match schedules...we will..more when that happens.

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