Saturday, November 7, 2015


i have a taste for some fried jerusalem artichokes so while i was out at the garden i popped popped one's always a surprise when you have a look...this root ball and the immediate area yielded thirty tubers which i took hone and cleaned up...those thirty include a behemoth that weighed in at just over a pound and another that was just shy of three quarters of will be time to haul all these in and come to some sort of a decision about whether i am going to have these in my bed next season or go a different route...there will be no spuds in this bed next year and some sort of tuber would be nice...yacon? mashua? i have a bit of time to ponder...i could propagate some yacon form the plants i have in the basement and i will surely procure more mashua to plant...nasturtiums? many ways to all incan bed? where can i find some oca?

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