Sunday, November 1, 2015

indoor season so far

i believe i mentioned a few days ago that there was some serious chitting going on in the seed spud today i decided it was time to act...i cleaned out a container form outside ( thoroughly...don't want viruses or pests coming in...more on that in a minute )mixed some compost and potting soil together, and put the two most advanced tubers into a new season...i planted them deep in the container so i can back-fill it as they grow to stimulate more tuber growth and i left them in the basement under the will be warm enough outside for the next week or so that i could have left them to start outside...but it seems that every time i bring plant life in from outside i bring in a few other forms of life as well and this causes some consternation in certain quarters i would just rather they will be outdoor virgins until the next generation goes out in spring...i have been fighting that fight since i brought the yacon and its attendant bug life in earlier in the autumn..oil soap...neem oil...there are insects on the leaves..and if they would stay there it would be a non issue..they don't...colonizers to an individual...on the other hand the yacon does not seem to be suffering from their presence...they have a seven month season...they will be down there a the indoor season is deepening...once the yacon is done i do believe i will be limiting things to potatoes that really need to be planted...perhaps the portion of the october harvest earmarked as seed will make the winter through and be chiiting away just in time for spring.

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