Sunday, November 15, 2015


the smaller of the two mashua plants was looking fairly wilted and on its way out after a few cold nights in the past week and my supplier have begun their harvest ( i got an email about my pre-order of more mashua seed tubers and seed tubers for more yacon ) so i figured it was about time to see what was what in the "other" andean tuber i pulled it and found four fair sized mashua tubers which leaves me hopeful for a bigger harvest from the bigger plant...last season's harvest was fairly meager and i kept the tubers for seed ( this particular plant was grown from last season's tubers..the seed tuber for the bigger plant was store bought...there may be a climatic or genetic lesson in there somewhere...have to look around some )...this year with more tubers on the way and the possibility of a bigger harvest i will be sampling these to see what they taste like...especially when compared with the flowers from their cousin the nasturtium ( sweet and a bit peppery at the same time )...another round when the other plant is harvested.

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