Friday, November 27, 2015


earlier this autumn i collected some wild grape seeds ( second photo ) from the fence along the back of the parking lot where i's back by the swamp and the fence is covered in vines..i also collected some concord grape seeds when i harvested the grapes in the catalpa tree to make jelly in september ( top photo ) can tell the difference because the wild grape seeds are smaller and much darker than the concord...they need to be stratified, which is basically cold stored to mimic the real world ( we complicate everything copying nature with technology...i could probably succeed in germinating the wild seeds simply by planting them now and letting winter do the work...but i want to germinate the concord seeds and give plants a head start on, complexity it is ) i took a handful of sphagnum moss for each container ( i used sphagnum moss because wiser heads than mine tell me it has an anti-fungal property which will help prevent damage to the seeds ) and dampened it with distilled water...put the moss in the containers ( pre-marked for each type..smarter than i look sometimes ) and nestled the seeds in the moss, covering them with about a half in and making sure the seeds did i not touch the outside of the container...put the lids on and popped them in the very same vegetable crisper that will be chilling bee cocoons when their turn comes until the end of februaty or early march...that is when i will retrieve them and set up peat pots in the plant room to begin a process of growing more producing vines that will take a few years to complete...if it succeeds there may be some going into the community garden as well...if that is approved by the administration ( ellen )...there ill be more grape stories as the season gets underway in around ninety to one hundred days...until then spuds will surely dominate with the odd tesointe plant...i neglected to mention that the last photo is meant to indicate i did clean up my moss mess in the kitchen like a courteous gardener...i don't need any feedback about the state of the kitchen.

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