Saturday, August 6, 2016

a garden on august sixth

had to work today but wandered out to the garden which was not a bad place to be on such an historically charged day...the jerusalem artichokes are in full bloom and thee are many flowers to see...the plants are tall and thick which means they throw a lot of shade ( third photo )...they shade out all but the hardiest of plants ( last year they choked out lemon balm in my back mean feat...but the lamb's quarters had no problems ) so it was a bit surprising to see the sweet potato vines ( fourth photo ) still very green and looking robust...the roma tomatoes continue to ripen and will be falling off the vine soon while the bear paw maize continues to grow and has two ears in production( sixth photo )...lots of cukes hiding in the vines and there are beans ready on the bushes...the asparagus ( ninth photo ) is looking well new spears to report, however the seventy-eight i counted last wednesday are still there and , from the looks of things, feeding the root system...still hoping for "berries"...if that succeeds we can spread the wealth of spears around to whomever may want some.

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