Wednesday, August 3, 2016

blooms and produce

it hasn't rained in a few days and the daytime temperatures have been warm so i headed over to the community garden after work to water and look around...things are humming along out here...the sugar snap peas in the first photo are flowering and the jerusalem artichokes are giving them a run for the top can tell they're part of the sunflower the next bed over there beans on the bushes...and the fifth photo is of some ripe roma tomatoes in yet another bed along the line...there are peppers right next to them that re ready to fact there's quite a bit of produce waiting to be consumed...the carrots in the end bed are coming up ( seventh ) it will be a fall harvest for them...i found three new asparagus spears ( eighth ) which brings the total to seventy-eight...the plants are happy in fact that they are beginning to reproduce...they have flowered all season but i am finally seeing signs of "berries" ( ninth photo )....bright red seed cases ( when they mature ) with two or thee seeds in them and i will be taking some home to add to the bed i have started...the bear paw maize has two ears growing and, finally , there are cucumbers hiding in the vines with more on the 24/7...stop by anytime.

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