Sunday, August 14, 2016

part beans, part other stuff

the poke weed in the berm of the bean field beside the supermarket is coming along nicely ( the ones in my yard as well ) can make a vegetable dye from the berries and the leaves are edible ( poke salad ) even if it is considered famine food " by many and plebeian by almost all...still it has a place in this blog as i work to redefine "weed" for myself if no one else...there's quite a few plants other than beans down the rows as fact it is sometimes difficult to discern the rows at all...they are is at least one maple sapling ( fifth photo ) and something that resembles silphium but needs better identification before i call it that..and i did find beans...with tiny blooms ( seventh photo ) and pods beginning to sprout off the there will be a bean harvest of wonders how the machinery will react to all the would be interesting to watch...i doubt the timing will pander to my schedule however.

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