Saturday, August 20, 2016

wheat and...rain

another inch or so of rain since yesterday ( this morning actually )...even the deniers are starting to notice that something is odd about this...but they need "more science" seemingly...i am are many others...unfortunately those who stand to lose the most by recognizing it are in control...time to work to make them irrelevant...the cucumber wall is saying autumn is coming and saying it loudly...the sweet potatoes, on the other hand, are protesting the over abundance of precipitation by turning yellow...they are not ready fro fall quite yet...the baart wheat is coming along well...and while we are on the subject of cham 2 wheat ( a semi-dwarf syrian variety of bread wheat ) and my emmer wheat seeds came today...i also have hard red winter wheat seed and, by coincidence, the cham 2 and emmer are also fall i will be having three varieties of winter wheat over the course of the next ten months or so...the bottom photo is of all three varieties of seed...the left is the hard red winter wheat...the center is cham 2..on the right is the emmer which has arrived in its husks ( which is how it is planted, unlike the other two varieties...i threshed a few just to provide an idea of the size differential in the grain...emmer is an ancient variety and is much larger...i have absolutely no experience with it an i am interested in seeing how the seed ears hold together...stubbornly if threshing them was any indication...those are some hard in the next month or so three varieties of winter wheat find homes out back...more on this in september.

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