Monday, September 5, 2016

grape juice

the grapes in the catalpa tree were as done as they were going to get so i got the ten foot ladder out this morning ( after a run tot he store for sugar, cheesecloth, pectin, and some sundries containing caffeine ) and started to bring them in...i stuck to the ones i could reach...plenty left for the birds ( and i didn't feel like an er visit because i fell off the ladder ) and ended up with not even an ounce over eight pounds of grapes in the blue bucket...i took them in, pulled the grapes off the stems ( remembering to save some uncooked seeds to work on more vines next spring ) and netted seven pounds six ounces of grapes...added five and a half cups of water...brought it to a boil...simmered for ten minutes..and into the cheesecloth to drain out the juice...about two hours of work...still draining so there is no juice total yet...hoping for enough to do a couple fo batches...about sixteen pints...we'll see.

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