Tuesday, September 27, 2016


i have collected the seeds from six of the seven two year old ramps that flowered this year ( the seventh is not finished yet ) so i decided to take them out of the containers i had them in since july or so...they are dormant so they will not notice tha they have been spread around the bed as a sort of group of sentinels...there to warn me of spring sprouts...i have an abundance of seeds...i count one hundred and twenty-two...plus the twenty i sent off in the mail as a surprise for a friend...now i need to find a shady spot to plant them in before winter..they need a cycle of heat and then cold to break dormancy and can, if conditions are not right, take two years to germinate..not as touchy as ginseng ( which i have never succeeded in growing here ) but difficult none the less..a few more seeds and the harvest is done...then the geography of the yard becomes the issue.

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