Sunday, September 4, 2016

wheat day

september is here and it is time to establish winter wheat if there is going to be any that survives the winter so i went out and had a look around..i harvested the bed in the first photo forty-eight days ago and in the interim it has been subsumed by native the first thing to do was clear the bed and take a shovel to it to loosen and aerate the soil...then i turned in around a hundred pounds of composted manure to enrich the soil and loosen it a bit more...the emmer wheat came in husks which i found odd so i threshed some to plant and i also planted some in the husks and i am curious to see how that works out since the majority of the husks i threshed held two seeds...i also planted some cham2 wheat which is a dwarf syrian bread wheat...the two varieties i planted in distinct rows...mostly so i could identify them as i am growing these two mostly for seed like the baart and pacific bluestem i have in containers...the hard red winter wheat i simply broadcast and raked in to the remainder of the bed..i will be looking for more space to plant wheat as the autumn progresses...but i won't wait too has been a productive holiday weekend so far...i have built a new bed for ramps and moved the population to a more viable environment...planted egyptian walking onions...and now seed garlic hasn't arrived yet so the last of the fall planting is delayed...hopefully it will arrive soon...tomorrow is th alst day of a long holiday weekend and a grape harvest is no tap...the results tomorrow.

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