Sunday, February 12, 2017

out back close to the middle of the month

it is unseasonably warm here on the south end of the inland sea today so, after planting onions indoors this morning i decided to have a look at the beds outside and see what, if anything, was going on since it is still very early in the season...too early for ramp activity...the bed, besides some thriving lichen, is inert...however...the egyptian walking oni9ons ( fourth photo ) have successfully overwintered, to this point anyway, and their cousins the early italian red garlic are poking through the mulch ( fifth through seventh ) i did not repeat my murderous over-mulching of last year so i am hopeful of full beds of garlic ( there are two with onions along the border )...even the garlic in the bed of my truck is greening small but encouraging ( for me at least ) tour of the yard...there is more on the way i am sure...we are just starting 2017.

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