Saturday, February 25, 2017

robust tuber growth

the top photo is of one of the potatoes that i had found sprouting in the pantry taken fifteen days ago...i took the next four earlier this afternoon ad all three have cone into leaf and are growing will be interesting to see how long a season this "improved" variety has and what sort of production comes of it...they are fully leafed and reaching for the grow light...seriously, growing these was as simple as potting them into some soil...not that traditional varieties are any harder to grow...these just seem much quicker...the sixth photo is of the yacon fifteen days ago as well...a much slower growing plant, there has been progress and there will be more after it moves outdoors...but that won't be before may and the end of a danger of frost ( although, as warm as this winter has been that danger may be passed much earlier )...finally the onions i found in the pantry have both exhibited new growth...far more cold tolerant than the yacon, these will be moving outdoors sometime next month...if this warmth keeps up it will be time to unmulch the asparagus in the community garden very soon...things are moving at an unnatural to be alert.

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