Saturday, April 30, 2011

is it or isn't it?

the top photo is one i pulled off the web of some mature teosinte which doesn't do me a lot of good really because i don't have mature teosinte...what i do have is four plants up in the row i planted in northern tepehuan and they are tillering and the one that has been up for a few weeks has actual branches that have broken through the ground ( second photo) which convinces me it's not a bunch grass and could actuially be teosinte...this is in my backyard...nothing is up ( as of yesterday) in the bed i planted in northern tepehuan on campus...there is grass up in the bed i planted Zea dipoloperennis in on campus...but that's still too young to even begin to make a call i am optimistic that we may actually have some this year...even if it is only an annual variety...the bottom two photos are of the gamagrass that's up in the grass bed in the back here...if things pan aout the way i hope they will ( and if it ever dries up enough for my trusty field down county line road to be planted in dense yellow number two) we will have a photo essay on grass morphology this year...from seedling ( i have been taking pictures all along) to mature plant...why? well because it's all about maize ancestry and it will include all the plants embroiled in the debate...somethign to ponder with the limited knowledge i have in an effort to perjaps understand more...that and i have the space and time to indulge myself...there will be more on this as the season moves along, whatever happens.

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