Saturday, December 3, 2016


it's december and the stand of teosinte out back is showing still looks awfully corny, however it is doing something most un-cornlike...the husks on the seed ears are peeling back as the temperature drops, exposing the seeds ( with silk s til attached )...sweet corn or dense yellow #2 would not...the husks on "corn" are so thick and tough that the plant cannot reseed itself in the is wholly dependent on human intervention to grow..if humans become extinct so does corn...i am doubtful that these seeds are viable...the plant's season is far too long and has been cut short by the coming winter...i am inclined to let he seed fall ( or, at least, some...i have brought plants indoors to preserve ) despite my skepticism and see if anything develops in the spring..if not i have frozen seed and fresh seed i recently purchased...the "wild and weedy" ancestor will reappear in the spring.

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