Wednesday, January 10, 2018

a bit of growth and a comparison

the spud on the right has had a growth spurt over the past few days ( the mashua to the left has added some leaves as well, however it is a different plant than the one in the first photo...that one has been transplanted )
the nasturtiums ( top of these three photos ) and the mashua are exhibiting their kinship in a long and storied andean lineage...and while we are talking mashua, i brought in the trellises i was using for their parents outdoors last season so they would have something to vine on...
the yacon seems least two of the three anyway...still no word from the third rhizome...
and this structure on the teosinte plant still looks more like a fir than a flower to me...expect many photos until it sorts itself out ( the plants know what to do )

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