Thursday, July 16, 2015

flower and bees

the largest of the back yard teosinte plants has cleared the top of the cage and has begun to flower...seems a bit early to me but the plant shave their own schedule and haven't consulted me about mine...they didn't request a spot in the back yard either...i made that enough...a peek down into the stalk reveals more on the way and when flowers appear ears are not long in many is another decision in the plant's control...about all i can do is watch and take its descendant maize, teosinte is wind pollinated so the trio of leafcutter bees i found while i was poking around out there won't be of much use to the ancient grass...they will, however, help out around the yard and the neighborhood..and i am pleased to be finding groups of bees ( even though they aren't social...makes you wonder exactly what was going on on that bloom ) instead of lone least there was some bee success this season and, one hopes, there can be work done towards establishing a permanent population.

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