Sunday, July 12, 2015

ripening, recovery, and blooms

the sunflowers in the yard are blooming along these days...and so is the "primitive cultivar" huaycu over int the spud section ( third photo ) it is not an "improved" variety and, if it is like any of the other primitive cultivars i have grown ( yema de huevos come to mind ) it isn't "improved" because the tubers don't have a dormant period but rather begin to sprout as soon as they reach maturity...a sort of indeterminate season...the heirloom tomatoes are ripening...or, at least, they aren't green anymore...the yacon continues to recover from early season hail damage ( fifth photo )...and, finally, winter vetch is a nitrogen setting legume used as a green my yard and in the community garden soon do i know? pods are forming on the plants in my yard...local seed.

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