Tuesday, July 21, 2015

maintenance trip...

went by the garden after work to water, weed ( what there was that needed it...some of the vegetation is so thick in the intercropped beds that weeds are shaded out...nowhere to start ), and have a look around...the bed in the top photo is loaded with beans, cukes, and herbs while next door ellen's radishes are ready to eat...a couple of beds along i saw hints of yellow on the jerusalem artichoke stalks..by the next time i get to the garden there will be helianthus in bloom...lots of potato fruits ( fourth photo ) coming in...took a few to ripen for seed...the cantaloupe has filled the spea bed ( fifth photo ) and the second year asparagus (sixth photo ) is ferning mightily and the newly deployed spear from the last visit has flowered ( seventh photo )...the broccoli in the last photo has a mixed message...from an eating perspective it is clearly a bit too late in its seasopn...past its prime...however...the flower means seed and seed means local broccoli next season...every bean plant in the garden came from seed saved from the garden last season...bean seed, broccoli seed, and seed potatoes saved this season mean a more sustainable garden next..so even late in its season the broccoli is still a worthwhile garden citizen

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