Sunday, July 26, 2015


pretty much a maintenance trip today with a small project...some potato fruits ( top photo ) are left on the vine and i would like to see some mature there...i have netted some at home to keep the critters off and so i transferred the idea to the community garden ( second and third photos ) much for the project..watered and did some weeding and as i roamed the garden took a look at things...the curly kale in the fourth photo had a distinctly palmy look to it...good to see it being used...the jerusalem artichoke blooms are beginning to proliferate and will do so for some time...i foresee dead heading in the near future...cukes ( as if i needed to say sixth photo ) are proliferating as well...some large ones ready to go...last two photos are longer shots of the garden at nearly mid season...things will begin to thin out soon enough as the spuds is too late to plant much beyond garlic in septembner and them begin to plant green manures/cover crops for the winter...still the beans and tomatoes will go until the first hard frost and then there's the sunchoke dig...still a season out there.

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