Saturday, July 18, 2015

vines and peppers

just booming along...peppers are coming in even if they are a bit mud spattered from yesterday's watering today...the garden is just fine water wise...there was no sign of beetles on the bean vines in the second photo...or any of the other trellises...still, i gave them another dousing with neem oil...there are growing number so beans and some should be harvested soon ( that is a gentle hint ) the cucumber vines are exploding and they have begun to produce ( fourth and fifth photos )...those will be ready soon and the vines are blooming away...fresh salad ingredients on the hoof...ellen's radishes are about ready while harold's peas are vining and will bloom shortly...down the beds broccoli is almost in season...there's kale too and the tomatoes are growing but nowhere near ripe...still the goods are coming along...and there were surprises for this gardener today...more on that soon enough...stop in when you get a's worth the time.

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