Friday, October 9, 2015

all the seeds you can eat

two days in and the pots of green manures i started wednesday have ample evidence of vigorous alfalfa...sprouts all over..i can see some clover in there too...they rye, vetch, and peas may take a minute...but they'll be along soon enough...this experiment will see some expansion with peat pots sown a bit less heavily with alfalfa...the seeds are very small and it isn't very difficult to overdo...a pound will go quite a ways towards fixing nitrogen in your soil...the ramp seeds are fully developed and should be shattering soon enough...hoping for fifteen ( the fourteen seeds in the photo and the one that has slipped its rachis and found the soil ) more plants to augment the fifty i planted a while back...there will seemingly be a bumper crop of teosinte ears this season...more so than last season so i am a happy camper in this respect...the ears are emerging from the stems and there are a number of green seeds ( some of which are visibly maturing ) already coming out of the run tomorrow.

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