Saturday, October 31, 2015


when i got to the industrial field by the supermarket it was wet and dark...but i didn't take long to see that the poke berries were still shriveled on the plant and that there was a lot less biomass in the field...looking down the rows this morning i could see they were a lot less cluttered...they are also well mulched with a layer of husks, cobs, and shredded stalks...the rain will mat them down and help, along with the roots of the still standing portions of the stalks, reduce erosion of the soil...the combine did a remarkably good job of stripping the kernels off the cobs...i didn't see any missed ears which i usually do...but there were quite a few loose kernels laying on the ground...critters will glean with falling commodity prices ( and dense yellow #2 is nothing if not a commodity...utterly fungible )the harvest rolls on and , by all accounts, it is a big one...grain elevators bulging and grain stored outside...look for beans in this field next may or june...we will be watching for that...expecting a no til field...we will see.

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