Monday, October 5, 2015

silks, seeds, green manures, and a bee

tramping around the back yard after work it seems evident that more teosinte seeds are becoming visible as ears separate from the stems and begin to shed their husks in preparation for maturation and shattering...the silks in the third photo tell me there are more ears on the way ( which doubtlessly means more photos )...around the corner from the "wild and weedy" ancestor i discovered a nearly inert bee on a friend fern the bee keeper tells me it has to be at least 55 degrees fahrenheit for them to's 57 out there right now and i am not sanguine about this bee's ability to find the hive tonight...not a good prognosis for a social insect...along side the sunflowers a patch of green manures is rolling right along with yellow peas, winter vetch, winter rye, alfalfa, and rd clover all in that shot...fall is here...we aren't nearly finished yet.

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