Saturday, October 10, 2015

the "other" tuber

actually they are only one of the "other" tubers going on around since i have yacon and mashua going as well...but these are the "other" tuber in the community garden and the relentlessness seems to be fading in some of them ( not all though...these things are you may well see ) and so i popped a couple that had died back up to see what was what...what it was was fifty tubers from two plants in an area of about twelve by eighteen inches that weighed in at five pounds nine and an eighth ounces of inulin laden tubers...the rest of the plants are slowly dying back so i trimmed out the dead stems and leaves and left the rest to continue working on setting tuber which they will do until the first hard frost...the sunchokes may be slowing but they never loose the relentless drive to reproduce their dna...ask the ones growing ( and still blooming ) in the compost heap...clearly some piece of tuber were dumped in there during some clean-up operation...opportunists to the hilt.

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