Sunday, October 11, 2015

vavilov centers 1 and 2...

...are reasonably well represented put back...teosinte hails from center 1 and it would seem to have adapted well enough this far north of there...silks..silks and spikes ( first two ) and a fair shot of four spikes emerging from a stem...the seeds are still green and the frost cloth will be coming out soon enough to try to coax them to maturity for a trial germination next spring...we'll see...the yacon in the fifth comes out of vaivlov center 2 and is an incan treat...think watermelon, sort of, sweet with little nutritional value...and the nasturtium family stalwart mashua is another center 2 denizen with peppery tubers...all seem fairly happy here but autumn is best bet is the yacon will be moving into the basement to finish its seven month may have started well here, the finish is still undecided.

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