Tuesday, October 13, 2015

you wanted to see more teosinte, right?

but first some ramp seeds that haven't shattered yet even though they look mature...and the peat pots of green manures that i am experimenting with as plugs of green manures for late harvest beds in the community garden are looking fine...so that may work out well...the days are getting shorter and the ears on the teosinte plants are multiplying..you can see the outlines of the seeds in the ears in photos four, five, and seven...while eight is a fair shot of an ear splitting the stem as it emerges...the eighth photo is of an emerging ear and a lat stab at a flower by one of the plants...a bit peculiar because. like its descendants in the fields, the teosinte is putting on autumn colors as the remaining plant energy goes into ear formation...there are multiple flowers already...that seems a waste...but i am not a teosinte plant...not yet anyway.

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