Sunday, November 1, 2015

outdoor season still exists

indoor life thus attended to i wandered out back to have a look around at what was up...what's up is the ramp seeds still have not shattered...don't know what they're waiting for...and since i am keen to populate that bed i am in no real hurry to move them along...they can fall when they like since the local birds seem uninterested...the teosinte id producing ears all over and there are seeds in evidence in most ( and you didn't think there'd be a trip out there without some teosinte photos, did you? )...the mashua is still chugging along...tuber soon one hopes...and their equally peppery tasting cousins the nasturtiums are still blooming...many many more budding...they will quit when the frost kills them, not before...lots of garlic and green manure up out there too as well as egyptian walking onions...there will be mulching soon.

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