Tuesday, July 5, 2016

a short tour.

ramp blooms are continuing to emerge on the north side of the house...i will be building a bed there before autumn and transplanting the ramps to the only consistent shade left out there...mid season for the ramps is just about the end of the line for the wheat...it continues to ripen and i will need to get the rye threshed and winnowed sooner than later...the wheat will be more time consuming because there is more of it...new stuff up out there...the fourth photo is a nascent brussels sprout and the fifth kohlrabi...difficult to tell the difference ( i know because i planted them )...we have quite a few grapes coming along..in the fir tree and the catalpa tree while further back the boston pickling cucumbers are blooming and producing...it is this far along because it is a transplant i started in the basement in early spring and moved outside...the cukes i am growing from seed have just begun to put out tendrils and have not bloomed yet..it's coming along...more to do and there will be more to see soon enough.

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