Friday, July 22, 2016

what's in a climate?

well...i too i'll wager...and while part of the one i'm in is fairly normal for this time of year, another strikes me as odd...that 4 1/2" of rain my rain gauge has measured has fallen in my back yard in the last six days..after a dry june and a firly dry first half of july things have opened up all at once...nothing gentle about this rain either...short ( half hour or so ) downpours of much precipitation...followed by clearing skies and rising temperatures...the temperature part isn't all that odd for summer a mixed bag..enough to keep me wondering about what is going on...the plants out back don't seem phased thoughj...the cucumbers are coming along well and the ramps are finally reaching near full bloom...the sweet potatoes are trying to send stolons out into the yard again so the vines will need to be trained before there is another grass cutting...there are tomatoes ( roma ) ripening and there are hot banana peppers too and finally ( for this post...i have left out the bear paw maize, teosinte, grapes, bees, yacon, spuds, beans, and mashua ) the asparagus plant i transplanted out of the bed fo my truck that germinated from two year old seed from the perennial garden project is doing well...i will work to preserve this one as well as i can..a little piece of kathy come to the yard.

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