Saturday, July 23, 2016

the best of the rest

the best with the notable exception of the mashua, potatoes, and yacon that is...the flower on the biggest of the bear paw maize plants ( top photo ) is blooming ( second photo ) and there are three emergent ears on the stalk( third through fifth )...we will see how long it takes the squirrels to realize this...the annual teosinte in the sixth photo bears a strong resemblance to its domesticate...and, for you morphology fans, the seventh and eighth photos are of teosinte and maize support roots respectively...japanese bottle grass ( mostly called foxtail here i believe ) develops them as well which we will see a bit later since it is all over he yard...there are quite a few grapes coming along as well...both in the catalpa tree and in the fir tree...september should tell the story on production and harvest..then jelly...the wheat threshing is coming along..i have some ready to winnow but there is no wind...dead calm and about 90 degrees...sort of an ominous combination...there may be even more rain...perhaps i should empty the rain is nearly full from the rain so far this week...more on spuds, mashua, yacon, wheat, and whatever else comes up as it transpires.

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