Sunday, July 24, 2016

devil gluten...devil climate

when i planted the bed of black eagle wheat back in march i simply broadcast the seed ( first photo ) into the bed and raked it in without any attempt at some sort of "row" orientation...nothing unusual in that...the seeds germinated according to rheir own timetable..some earlier than others...and the early plants had an advantage in finding sunlight when the bed became packed with tillering plants ( second )...they spent the first couple of months building root systems to feed the seed ear and the ears did not appear until late may/early june ( third )...the taller plants that germinated first got more light, developed deeper roots, grew tall, and produce bigger seed heads ( fourth and fifth )...the plants that grew outside the bed, either as volunteers or because i had spilled seed (!) grew to a more uniform height because they were spaced farther apart and developed seed ears of approximately the same size ( sixth and seventh )a mater of energy acquisition...the rain gauge in my back yard is topped pout this morning after last night's rains...six inches is its maximum measuring capability and the floating plastic marker is at the top...i emptied this last sunday and will do so again today...six inches of rain in my back yard in a really hot july is not natural people...something is going on...a lot of people who should be paying attention are not...or are deep in denial..if they don't wise up soon nature will apply therapy for that will be a struggle.

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