Monday, February 23, 2015

limited room in the room

there are twenty-nine potato plants up and running in various stages of maturity in the plant is somewhat crowded...the tubers i planted at the beginning of this month are thriving and rooting much so that their roots are growing out of the bottoms of the pots ( top photo )...i have no room left for larger pots under the lights...expansion is not an, in what can only be termed true rube goldberg fashion i simply filled another 5" peat pot with a mixture of potting soil and seed starting mix and put one pot into another...more room for root growth until they can be hardened off and planted outside...the craigs snowwhite ( fourth photo ) should have begun setting tubers last month and it looks as if its season is drawing to a close...we'll look into tuber production after the die back is complete ( yes that is nietzsche )...the potato seedlings are still doing well although i am not entirely sure where this will lead...all but the one in the bottom picture have rather a vineish appearance...transplanting them outdoors and producing tubers seems a bit of wishful thinking...still, we aren't done yet.

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