Sunday, February 8, 2015

spud report II

the seed potato project still has thirty-one plants up and running and two more are developing flower buds...these are ollalas both in the same container so we may be able to help them along to fruit if the manage to blossom...who knows if the basement will actually provide conditions favorable to that? i do not...all i can do is watch and wait...the chitting spuds that i have planted this moth will go into the ground in april since they will not be done in time to help with seed potatoes for the watching them develop i notice that the roots are radiating out from just under the sprout and on the top of the planted tuber...that explains why they wont set tubers below the depth they are planted at...the roots are developing at the top of the planting depth, not the bottom...also explains why "hilling" stimulates more tuber production since it allows more space for the shallow root system to develop...i'm learning...part of why i'm here...there are philosophical and political issues in play as well but i have covered them elsewhere in this blog...and the potatoes don't care.

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