Wednesday, March 1, 2017

microclimate IV

an eighteen degree temperature differential between yesterday evening and today...and in between significant it was time to check out the rain gauges again...there was a familiar pattern, however there was an outstanding difference...the gauge on the east side by the defunct tomato/cucumber bed showed ( in a blurry photo ) two inches of precipitation..moving west to the one in the mid-yard i found two point three ( nearly ) inches of rain.. a matter of three tenths more in a bout fifty feet..and, adhering to the established pattern, the one on the ramp bed on the north side of the house ( and the one furthest west in the back yard ) had two and a half inches measured...significant rain..but what convinced me of the downpour was the gauge on the tree by the thermometer...usually only trace amounts of rain penetrate the canopy above this gauge....last night however ti measured one and seven tenths inches of far the most that gauge has seen to date...there are always exceptions to patterns...we should learn to expect non-linearity.

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