Saturday, February 2, 2013

groundhog day

groundhogs across the country can safely stay in their burrows today as far as i am concerned...i already have the answer to their particular insight...winter, such as it has become, will last until it is over...and that will probably be sooner rather than was snowing when i went out early today to run some errands and have a look around...between that and yesterdays cold i know it is winter...the palmer drought index still has my home county in a moderate drought but it hasn't been updated since the 29th of last month and i have to wonder if the precipitation of the intervening time has changed that...the snow on the peri-urban fields is unbroken by tracks of critters...i couldn't see any industrial corn in the field behind the big box stores and there wasn't anything else looking...the corn field has a new sign up...i hadn't seen it before...seems harris bank is claiming to be the party behind the "finance" of whatever there is planned for that particular piece of there may not be a crop here in the spring..."growth" insists on being itself and corn ( for processed foods or ethanol...your choice ) be damned...the snow in the wheat field by the supermarket has just about covered the wheat...but you can see by the tops sticking out that it's still more dormant than the wheat grass on campus...winter grinds on but it may be spring by the end of the month which will please some people as much as it disturbs me...this aint natural.

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  1. my sump pump ran today for the 1st time in weeks/ guessing last weeks rain & snow melt finally worked its way under my house. That took a long time but indicates that the soil moisture is slowly increasing