Monday, February 11, 2013

perennial populations II

another asparagus plant has popped up...nine in all now and all from the planting on the sixteenth of came to my attention yesterday making it fifty-six days from has joined last weeks three under the grow light in the basement...all are doing well although two are intertwining themselves as they grow and will be difficult to separate at planting so i am assuming i will be leaving them conjoined in the garden...the program has proved successful so far and i only need two more to fill my space at the iuncg...year old crowns are reasonably inexpensive and easy which is why i used them to start the bed at the perennial garden project but my inclination is to try to save seed and propagate my plants in a more traditional manner ( the row light being one of many exceptions to a traditional form of gardening )...i want the experience of starting from scratch and defying the seed patenters out in the agribiusiness world...round up ready soy beans or liberty-link corn aren't something i want to deal with...i also don't want to be dependent on energy intensive technology...worms, manure, seeds. and rhizobia are all i want to use.

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