Thursday, February 28, 2013

trees are perennials so it's okay

i really had no intentions of starting any more trees this year...five apple trees over the last couple of years seemed to be enough...then at break this afternoon at work i cut open my apple and was surprised to find a seedling in the core...i have seen seeds with roots growing out of them ( and planted them ) but i have never seen one with so much chlorophyll coming out of a co re...i could not bring myself to toss it in the waste basket so i wrapped it in a moist paper towel, brought it home, planted it in a mix of compost and potting soil, and put it under the already crowded grow light ( on an upended box...if it were rummage sale season i would be out looking for a somewhat low table to expand the area...since it is not i will be going to the home improvement store in search of something suitable )...while i was down there i checked on the burgeoning asparagus population and found that another of the older plants has sent up a new spear to feed the expanding roots ( there is another sprout upstairs under the acacia tree so there are twenty-nine separate plants and three with a second spear )...this seems to bear out what i have read about asparagus being reasonably simple to grow from seed as long as the proper methodology is followed ( rich, loamy soil kept well watered for up to ten weeks...i said simple ) apple tree in the yard and a host of seedlings to find homes for...success comes at a price ( as if i had anything to do with the germinating of seeds in apples )...more as it comes up.

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