Saturday, February 16, 2013

a green sort of winter

a quick visit to the campus garden shows that the wheat grass domesticates haven't gone dormant yet...not a surprise really...the temperatures here continue to yo-yo...forty plus one day and a high in the twenties the next...the campus lawn isn't dormant either...and for that matter neither is some other plant life...the wheat grass plants have green company in the garden which, for now at least, remains unidentified...they are spread out in the sunny parts of the garden ( which is really almost all of it right now )...staking out turf for the coming spring heat...they will have to go unless they prove to be an edible native species...then there will have to be careful allocation of space ( and which is why i need to try to identify them )...the weather has me hoping that my zea diploperennis will come through for a third season and add some empirical evidence of climate change to go with the usda hardiness zone change we got last if only what burrowed into the yam bed hasn't eaten the asparagus seedlings have grown in number with a population of fourteen plants under the grow light...two new ones from the january planting have emerged also in the fifty day range of time between planting and germination...there will be extras apparently so if anyone nearby is interested in establishing some drop me a line.

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