Wednesday, August 26, 2015


from a distance there is a definite autumnal cast to the cucumber vines that signals shortening days...a closer look tells me that there are still bloom and still cucumbers coming along...however, that broader vista isn't lying...soon enough we will be planting garlic and clearing beds to plant fall green manures and the attendant cover crops ( mostly winter rye ) to recondition the soil for next season...that is a ways off yet though and there is still activity in the garden...i found a bee on the jerudsalem artichoke blooms this evening so there is insect life in the garden, and important insect life at that...something continues to browse the cauliflower ( fourth photo ) and i am uncertain of its future and its productivity...the brussels sprouts in the next photo are faring somewhat better in the browsing department...they and the cauliflower are cousins but the familial difference may be in the flavor...the critters may be more discerning that i imagine...the peppers continue to bloom and produce and there are tomatoes yet and the potatoes are grinding on...i foresee a couple more months of active work and production out there...then some down time for planning and procuring seed and plants...still time for a visit.

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