Wednesday, August 5, 2015

potato harvest

i planted this german butterball in my bed at the community garde on the seventeenth of april which was one hundred and ten days ago...i notice it was dying back last monday morning but i wanted to let i go a couple of more days so i could convey a fair idea of what a finished potato looks like ( for anyone who hasn't grown them...the rest of you are excused )...yellow stems..some leaves yellow and wilted others brown and dead...this plant isn't going to add any more to any tubers it may have i popped up the root ball and...fifteen tubers of various sized...mostly round...none more than five inches in diameter...when i got them home and cleaned them up they weighed in at just over three pounds...comparable to yields in industrially grown potatoes without the herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides to have with your i bragging...a i repentant? no...i am pleased to have been entirely organic in this and there will be green manures going into all the garden beds again this autumn to fix nitrogen and add organic matter without importing compost...we aim to be as sustianable and as local as we can.

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