Sunday, August 16, 2015

kenesis failure?

the path i beat through the biomass on the berm of the industrial field was still there...but it is becoming more difficult to discern corn there...the obvious lack of herbicide on this field has allowed the berm's population to explode and there are a lot of individuals there...including a profusion of poke weed 9 second photo ) can make a durable vegetable dye from the berries and it's edible with some that , at least, qualifies as a valid crop in the berm...i found the two closely spaced plants easily and one has developed an ear over the last week ( fifth photo )...the sixth photo is that plant and its rationally spaced neighbor to the give a comparison of stalk height and ear size with the closely spaced plant obviously the runt...looking south you can see its field-mate has not developed an ear...just a bulge that should be an ear ( eighth photo )...whether that is a proto-ear or a failure of kenesis i am not prepared to say just yet...i would presume ( and it would be a presumption until the end of the season...being empirical and inductive here ) that if there isn't one by next week there won't be one and that the plant will have failed..whether that is a failure of the mechanical planter or of the gene splicing is another troubling question that i probably won't be able to answer with any assurance of being correct...still looking for a grower to talk to...still no response form the indiana corn growers association...i wonder if their license to plant a single crop from the seed they purchase while not sharing seed or saving seed has a rejoinder not to talk about it...i have a pdf of the monsanto/grower agreement that growers must sign to purchase seed...time to give it a close reading...more on that as this season goes on.

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