Saturday, August 29, 2015


it was raining when i got to the garden this morning which obviated the need to water...for a bit, at least...the season goes on though and there may yet be need of the hose...the potato beds in the top two photos simply refuse to best guess is they are dominated by early blues which are indeterminate and have a very long season...certainly the number of blossoms speak of and intention to be around a bit longer yet..the cauliflower in the third photo continues to be browsed by something while the brussels sprouts in the fourth seem to be faring somewhat better in the gnawing department...still hoping for some decent production into october from these...the asparagus plant in the fifth photo still has some delicate blooms on the "ferns"...but farther down the plant we can see signs of autumn...over in the spea bed there be cantaloupes coming along nicely...a few more weeks and they will be ripe...if they aren't critter harvested first...there's still a lot of green out in the garden and there are cucumbers and peppers, collards and kale still producing as well as tomatoes..the fall harvest is a bit away but if the spuds come in we may still achieve an unbroken cyclical harvest for the season with the jerusalem artichokes coming in last.

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