Thursday, December 24, 2015

life anmong the indoor tubers

the climate outside continues to be volatile with see-sawing temperatures and sporadic but abundant precipitation...the basement however offers a fairly consistent temperature and humidity...not necessarily a homogeneous environment, but more stable than the outdoor climate at the moment...the two ollalas are still doing well and i continue to back-fill the container in an effort to stimulate more tuber growth...even though they are nowhere near ready to set tubers, the more rhizomes i can induce the more seed potatoes i stand to harvest somewhere in march...the yacon is robust...overly was due to finish last month and still is producing new growth...the indoor climate seems to be prolonging its season...i may harvest soon and experiment with propagating new plants from cuttings...i have tubers in the vegetable crisper to plant in spring but more yacon wouldn't be a bad thing...the ollala i planted on the sixth ( fourth photo ) had progressed a fair way in eleven days ( fifth photo ) and on christmas eve it is leafing out nicely ( bottom photo )...i have five more spuds planted down sign of any of them worries..we have time and the environment's good.

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